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JiWuShe Floral/ Dessert fragrance highlighters /Marker Pens set of 6, Retro Shade Markers, School Supplies, Scented Markers, Cute Stationery

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JiWuShe Set of 6 Flower/ Dessert fragrance highlighters /Marker Pens, Retro Shade Markers, School Supplies, Morandi Markers, Cute Stationery

Highlighter Approx. (L)128mm, (Dia.) 13mm (Nib) 5mm

Each marker has its unique fragrance.

Floral pack contains 6 scents: Rose, Sakura, Jasmine, Osmanthus, Ylang-ylang, Lavender.

Dessert pack also contains 6 scents: Cotton candy, Tiramisu, Cupcake, Coconut mousse, Matcha crepe, Creme brûlée.

Color: Floral/Dessert. Check Pictures.

Quantity: A Set of 6, or 2 Sets of 12.