About Choco

Hi, It's Ashka You!

  I live in Central New Jersey, 2021 April I decided to start my small business.
As a stationery lover, my room is filled with hundreds of pens and dozens of unwritten notebooks (yes, blank). I like to collect stationery since I was a child, whether it is the scented eraser in the stationery store near the school or the fountain pen in the high-end stationery store in the downtown, all of which make me happy. Moments surrounded by stationery always make me feel wonderful. So when I plan to start my small business, stationery is my only, no hesitation choice.
  Why 2021? It's not a good year. Most of us are going through the toughest period of our lives. However it's also a unique year for me. After years away from campus, I was accepted to State University in 2020! This excites me, not only in anticipation of learning, but also because I have a reason to start using these little cutes things.
  As a child growing up in China, I have seen the stationery made in China go from ordinary quality to increasingly stable quality and ingenious designs. I can introduce more excellent, high-quality stationery to consumers in the American market, and witness the course of this stationery world together
In the past 2021 my JiWuShe Morandi Highlighter and Kaco pastel gel pen brought me good sales. This year 2022 I will introduce more JiWuShe products and other high quality stationery and explore more categories. Follow my store, there will be more surprises waiting every month.

A lot of loves,